YGGS LTD is a Nationwide earth retention Contractor specialising in all aspects of gabion walling, crib walling, earth folding, reco paneling and similar installations.

Groundworks and gabion construction

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, YGGS LTD have the capacity to complete both small and large scale construction contracts; undertaking earth retention projects from excavations to aggregates, and with extremely competitive working rates.

Our fully qualified workers have a vast experience, and through efficient team management we will ensure that your project runs smoothly and safely, providing all necessary plant and labour services for the ground work to be completed to your specifications.

Specialists in Earth Retention.

We offer a comprehensive range of earth stabilisation services including concreting, foundation work, flood defence walls and earth retaining walls. In addition many specialist projects we have completed can be seen in our gallery. Which demonstrate our capacity to perform complex projects.

Whether you require a minor domestic restructure or large scale commercial or industrial works, YGGS LTD are committed to ensure your project is completed safely, on time, and to your satisfaction.

YGGS LTD are the Earth Retention Company who Can Move the Earth for You or Stabilise it.

Groundwork Services

  • Gabion walls, gabion cages, soil reinforcement

    Including Gabion Installation, Soil Erosion Protection, Embankments, Soil Retention, Slope Reinforcement, Coastal Reinforcement, Crib Walls.

  • Groundwork and foundations, based Halifax Yorkshire

    Specialist groundwork services include: Concreting, Foundation Work, Drainage, Curbing and Road Formation.

  • Labour and plant hire from YGGS

    Favourable rates for both labour and machinery hire. All workers are CSCS Health and Safety Registered, and operators are CPCS Registered Machine Drivers.

  • Glass gabion rocks

    Decorative glass gabion rocks are an alternative to standard gabion rocks, and can have a number of advantages.

  • Soil Retaining Walls

    YGGS can employ a number of specialised soil retention techniques to stabalise slopes and prevent the effect of downward gravity.